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Futsal development in Austria started about 10 years ago. From the beginning there was a trailblazer ....

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AFIS is proud to be involved in the development of the FEF right from the start. At the last Delegates Meeting in Milan, the course was set for the upcoming European Championship and World Cup finals ...

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The internationally well-networked and experienced club Futsal Innsbruck has launched a series of games in the Alpine arc - from Munich to Monaco.

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About us


AFIS - Austrian Federation Indoor Soccer is a member of the European Federation FEF, Futsal European Federation, and the World Association AMF, Asociación Mundial de Fútsal, which includes 10 million futsal players worldwide.

The AMF is historically the oldest and largest futsal association in the world. FIFA took over the topic of futsal much later and created its own set of rules. We are proud that Austria plays in Europe and in the world affairs of futsal in the original rules of the AMF.
The consequent way to an autonomous year-round sport thus gets a good home and perspective in Austria. Of particular importance is the clear commitment of the AMF to anchor futsal as an Olympic discipline. AFIS therefore makes every effort to create the structures and conditions to allow amateur athletes access.


About us 


After the failed attempts of the ÖFB (Austrian football federation) Futsal (after the FIFA rule mode) as a year-round independent sport nationwide to anchor in the west of Austria increasing displeasure about the unsatisfactory situation. In 2017 the time had come: Starting from the very successful flagship club Futsal Innsbruck, who was also multiple Fair Play winner in the ÖFB area, the good contacts across the border in Italy, Switzerland, Monaco and Spain and in the After intensive consultation with the European Futsal Federation (FEF), the Austrian Federation Indoor Soccer, AFIS, was launched in the twofold Olympic city of Innsbruck.

Thus, in the next few years, the extremely attractive Futsal sport will continue to grow in Austria according to the rules of the AMF, finding enthusiastic amateur players and an equally enthusiastic audience. As the Olympic and sports city, Innsbruck, as the headquarters of AFIS, offers everything it takes to bring this exciting initiative to life.

Participation and activity are promoted through a broad, sympathetic membership model. The establishment of a national team and international participation in the European family of the FEF is just as important as the view towards qualifying for the AMF World Championships.




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